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Traditional and avant-garde men

11 November 2021

Traditional and avant-garde men

Traditional and avant-garde men

Art and fashion. Fashion and art. Two concepts in a continuous relationship, for their historical correspondences and their aesthetic connotation. As far as men's fashion is concerned, art is embodied in synchronicity when collections know how to combine tradition and avant-garde in an exact and fair measure. In the following article, we unveil these complementary, equally and very necessary concepts, to help define how the man of the 21st century is like and how he dresses.

If what we seek is to convey elegance, when it comes to fashion, balance rules. Because in every avant-garde man there is always a glimmer of tradition and classicism that remains, subtle but intact, transmitting through clothing everything that words usually cannot convey.

The classic always creates value in fashion collections for contemporary men. We can see this, for example, in those day-to-day blazers that bet on bold prints or colours, but that endow the man who wears them with an admired traditional elegance. Outfits that preserve the classic accessories but can be highlight with modernity if added, for example, a pair of the latest fashionable trainers.

If what we are looking for is to discover the differences between both trends, we can clearly observe, in our society, a distinction between those men who stand out for a traditional style and those who select a more avant-garde catalogue when it comes to identifying their style of dress. However, we can say that the symbiosis between the two is the true key to styling and, in short, to the art of fashion and clothing.

Observing man as a source of art┤s inspiration is the starting point for many menswear brands, based on quality and an exclusive design. The male figure has been seen, over several generations as a living sculpture of simultaneity, aesthetics and refinement, something that today acquires relevance with the resurgence of new languages of artistic expression and the powerful influence of the film industry and social media. 

In the eyes of men's fashion, tradition and avant-garde are two essential aspects that must be present in any collection. The companies have it clear and therefore, bet on keeping the suits catalogues or men's casual wear, a basis of tradition that is sustained by the quality of the patterns, the craftsmanship, quality fabrics and know-how in general.

Starting from such a firm position, playing with new proposals, combinations, colors and innovative aesthetics does not seem so daring. Ultimately, taking risks to a greater or lesser extent is always in the hands of each man, who has at his disposal a whole universe of more or less alternative pieces from which he must make his selection. In our era, we need to assert the unique and genuine personality of each man, symbols of elegance par excellence that, like art or fashion, will never die.

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