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The secret is in the made-to-measure

17 June 2022

The secret is in the made-to-measure

The secret is in the made-to-measure

Feeling that the suit you wear fits you like a second skin depends on several factors, but undoubtedly the most important one lies in its manufacture. The tailor's skill and professionalism make the magic take effect and the garment practically comes to life, combining all its elements harmoniously and achieving a spectacular result. In the following post, we tell you the advantages of choosing a made-to-measure suit exclusively for you.

the suit you wear fits you like a second skin

Made-to-measure handcraft, which pays attention to detail and takes care of every stitch, is one of the secrets to true elegance. Nowadays, with the strong incursion of fast fashion in the fashion industry, there are few firms that bet on it. That's why, as we have told you in previous posts, a brand that includes craftsmanship and a true passion for sewing in its values is a real jewel worth contemplating.

Made-to-measure handcraft

Torre Uomo knows the secret to make a suit look perfect and through its made-to-measure service it offers you the possibility of creating it from scratch, adapting it to your body and your personality. A choice with many advantages. Do you know them?

First of all, a made-to-measure suit will fit you like a glove, highlighting your silhouette, enhancing and concealing what is necessary and exalting your figure and your identity. It is not the same to adapt a standard size to your measurements, as it is to use your figure as the basis for shaping the garment in question. Your suit will be made from your body and not the other way around, achieving an extraordinary effect.

to make a suit look perfect

Comfort is another factor you will achieve with a made-to-measure suit. As a man, you have physical characteristics that make you unique. Therefore, as it is created taking your anatomy as a starting point, you will be able to move in a natural way, always feeling it as a part of you. Forget rigidity and say yes to freedom of movement, achieving an ideal fit for your body that hides any defects and maximises your virtues.

Can you imagine deciding each and every detail of your suit? Made-to-measure makes you the co-creator of the garment, so you can enjoy the process and get involved in it as if it were a small work of art. Lining, buttons, lapels, stitching... each part is thought and studied in a unique and strategic way, always offering you a spectacular result.

made-to-measure suit

Exclusivity and personalization are decisive factors for an impeccable look. Unlike mass-produced garments, in a made-to-measure suit every detail is elaborated with extra care and dedication. In addition, the tailor takes into account the proportions of each client to create a harmonious and balanced garment, which maintains an impeccable posture, without wrinkles or unwanted gestures that detract from elegance and distinction.

In life, every moment, stage or situation has its perfect outfit. But if you need a suit for a special occasion, one of those that only happens once, choosing a made-to-measure suit will undoubtedly be an excellent choice.

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