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The perfect outfit for a job interview

18 November 2022

The perfect outfit for a job interview

The perfect outfit for a job interview

Your outfit transmits values, speaks without words, gives you the attitude you are looking give to others. Neatness, discipline, balance, confidence... these are qualities that are highly valued in a job interview that you will be able to reflect to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the clothes you choose to wear. In the following post, we talk about the perfect look to make recruiters fall in love with you in a job interview and show your strengths through your image. Take note!

Dressing for a job interview may seem simple at first glance, but it is undoubtedly a determining aspect that can work against you or for you. Therefore, if you are immersed in a selection process and you have an imminent appointment, take special care when choosing your outfit, don't rush and give your look the attention it deserves. Your personal image is as important as your CV when it comes to first impressions, so plan and play your cards right.

The first thing to do when choosing the perfect outfit is to do your research. Find out how the people who work in that sector usually dress and, further on, expand your goal and find out how the members of that particular corporation dress. Adapt the degree of formality with coherence depending on the type of company, so that from the first moment you feel like one of them.

Find out if the position for which you are applying has a dress code and dress accordingly, in a subtle way. Your goal? To fit into the environment and gain the confidence of your recruiters and, why not, also their admiration. Seek to stand out in the same style, but without losing discretion; a quality much admired for its relationship with prudence, finesse and the gift of timing.

This is no time for innovation. Avoid any accessories, styles or colours that take you out of context. If the job is related to a creative profession, a touch of originality to the look can add points. However, always practice restraint and avoid bold or garish prints and colours. Classic oxford grey or navy blue are perfect and safe choices. A suit in this colour combined with a white shirt will be a perfect bet. Pay attention to the accessories and avoid clothes or shoes that are too worn out. Neatness is essential.

The so-called smart casual look is perfect for finding that precious middle ground. An outfit that makes you feel comfortable and elegant at the same time, combining garments from both styles. Feeling comfortable and distinguished at the same time will help you convey calmness and serenity (we recommend you to check our previous post, "guide to the perfect casual look").

Hold on to the classic expressions "a picture is worth a thousand words" or "it's the first impression that counts". These are wise ideas that will guide you in making the right choice. And remember that, although it may sound clichÚ, in any social environment in which you want to succeed and put down roots, the most important thing is to be yourself. You can enhance your virtues, show your good taste, surprise them with your good work or your personal style. But without a doubt, the most powerful and precious quality of all is and always will be authenticity. Don't forget that. Ready to succeed?

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