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The bridal trend that is here to stay: neon lights

24 January 2023

The bridal trend that is here to stay: neon lights

The bridal trend that is here to stay: neon lights

Lights, camera, action! Give your wedding a unique and theatrical touch, with the new millennial trend that is making waves in the wedding universe: neon. A vibrant, irreverent, creative and decorative element with which to personalise any space in a very special way. Discover all the possibilities it offers and join this fun explosion of light and colour.

In recent years, lighting in the bridal world has gained protagonism, giving rise to endless creative and original possibilities that enhance the warmth of the spaces. Garlands, LED light curtains, lanterns, candles and all kinds of elements that, combined with art and skill, offer a spectacular result. Among all of them, one of the most trendsetting, becoming almost essential with an infinite number of types and colours, is neon.

These flexible and customisable tubes not only decorate, but also serve to illuminate or even signpost the different atmospheres of a wedding, and they do so with a tremendous hypnotic and attractive effect. Strategically placed neon can become the star of your wedding, the perfect background for unforgettable photos. Many couples decide to display their photocall with a neon sign with a romantic phrase or even a strong message. It all depends on your style and personality.

These elements are made of thin tubes containing neon and other gases, which, when connected to electricity, provide striking, glowing illumination.Neon was invented in Paris in the early 20th century, by chemist Georges Claude. It quickly became popular all over the world, leading street signs in Hollywood and later, walls in bars and cabarets. Its vintage-style aesthetic is particularly appealing to us because of its naive air and nostalgic reminiscences, between the past and the future.

Its effect is maximised at evening weddings and its versatility allows it to take on infinite forms. From traditional phrases, such as the mythical "I do", to expressions with a grunge aesthetic, such as "here we dream", "let's have a party", or for the most romantic "all you need is love". Emblematic words, song choruses or even funny figures, such as wings or a huge heart. Join the neon trend and let your imagination run wild!

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