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The best patterns to wear this season

06 April 2023

The best patterns to wear this season

The best patterns to wear this season

This season, give your look a boost and dare to be different. Fill your wardrobe with the best patterns, colours and motifs to energise your style and give you freshness and personality. In the following post, discover the patterns that are trending this spring, from Torre Uomo's Evolution line. Versatile garments to say goodbye to monotony and fill the streets with originality.

With the arrival of the good weather, our body asks us to wear fresh and different garments to break with the cold season and add extra lightness and colour to our look. To achieve this goal, the fashion world offers us the perfect allies: prints. A different and versatile resource that will allow us to create enviable outfits and be the centre of attention.

Torre Uomo fills its spring catalogues with colourful and sophisticated garments, a variety of prints and unique designs. Plaid is at the top of the list, covering the many existing options, starting with the classic plaid or tartan. Both elegant and bold, this option will dress you with personality for casual dates, outdoor meals with friends and Sunday plans with the family. Combine them with plain garments in the same colour tone and become a benchmark of style and sophistication.

Prince of Wales checks will give you an extra touch of seriousness and elegance without leaving aside originality. They create stylish and balanced outfits, perfect for more formal events. If you are looking for a smart casual look, the so-called Vichy checks are perfect, a sure hit if you combine them with plain garments in relaxed fabrics such as knitwear or cotton.

The Scottish-inspired pied-de-poule print is also on trend. And for the more discreet, micro-design are back, a subtle and very elegant option that allows you more versatility when it comes to combining shirts or eye-catching accessories.

Stripes add style and elegance to your spring outfits. A striped suit will be an ideal option for formal daytime events or for work days when you're looking for an extra touch of distinction. And if you prefer a more discreet style, add a touch of print to your accessories.Add parsley or cashmere scarves, shirts or ties to your wardrobe and give your look a real retro feel.

Join the print trend and fill your wardrobe with fun and energy this season. Have fun creating unique and daring looks with Torre Uomo. Enjoy!

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