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Some rules for buying a stylish suit

18 August 2022

Some rules for buying a stylish suit

Some rules for buying a stylish suit

Buying a suit and making the right choice is an art that requires several factors to be taken into account. It's all about judiciously combining the fabric, cut, style and colour, along with your personality and the uses to which it will be destined to, among many other aspects. In the following post, we reveal some very useful rules for buying a stylish suit. Take note!

Choosing the perfect suit that matches your personal style and fits your anatomy is not always easy. There are several things to check before choosing a specific model. The main thing, of course, is that it brings out the best in you. Shall we get started?

When buying a garment such as a suit, not all shops are the same. Look for a specialised shop where they know the product well. Usually this kind of shops work with quality brands and traditional craftsmanship, something essential when buying a stylish suit. By investing more in it, you will get more durability and the jacket will remain unchanged over the years, without attrition or deformation. It is also essential to have a good consultant to help you with the more technical and stylistic aspects. Thanks to their knowledge and professionalism, they will be able to get a prior image of your tastes and needs and will help you to focus, discard and select.

Opt for timelessness. Go for versatile shades or prints that allow you to use the garment on different occasions. A suit in neutral colours such as navy blue or dark grey will be a perfect wardrobe staple, that you will wear repeatedly without getting tired and that will give you a lot of play when it comes to combining it with different accessories. In any case, don't forget the colour scheme and look for those tones that embellish and enhance your features.

Details are important when choosing a stylish suit. Buttons, lining, seams... When deciding on a suit, pay attention to its finish and make sure they are of good quality. Also, try to select the right materials according to the season. In summer, look for cool, comfortable fabrics such as linen. In winter, opt for fabrics such as tweed for daytime events and wool or cashmere for formal occasions or evening events.

Defining the uses you are going to give to the suit in question will be key to determine what combination or style to choose. A suit that you will only use in special situations is not the same as a suit that you will use for everyday wear in the office. Take into account your height and build to choose a model that highlights your strengths and at the same time allows you to move comfortably.

Whether a suit fits you like a glove depends on several technical aspects that you will need to check. First of all, the jacket should always look well fitted, making sure that the seam is framed between the collarbone, the arm and the shoulder bone, with the lapel perfectly fitted to the collar and the shoulder pads proportionate to your anatomy. In order to fit correctly, the first button should be just below the waist, bearing in mind that the more buttons the jacket has, the more demanding it will be.

The perfect sleeve length is the one that, when bent at the elbow, leaves a centimetre of the shirt cuff showing through. As for the trousers, they should be neither too short nor too long. And for a perfect fit, look at the creases it makes on your leg once you've put on your shoes; ideally there should only be one.

You already know some of the most important aspects of buying a suit. Use these tips to become an expert in the field, but don't forget to get advice from a professional and put yourself in the hands of a good tailor who will take care of the final adjustments if necessary. If you manage to connect and make a good team, the final result will be spectacular, we are sure.

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