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Shades of man

27 October 2021

Shades of man

Shades of man

A mark of character and style that distinguishes the best in every man. This is your shade, an immutable halo of identity that makes up your personal gear. Each shade is unique and enhancing it is within your reach, exalting your attitude through your image and looking for outfits that set you apart from the rest, with style and authenticity. Shades of man is Torre Uomo's new proposal for this autumn-winter 21/22 season. A casual collection focused on elevating the masculine personality to its maximum potential and turning your wardrobe into an explosion of textures and comfort. Discover it!

Torre Uomo brings out the best in every man with its new menswear collection, Shades of man. An explosive and suggestive, attractive and sensual proposal, designed to stimulate the senses, covering every moment of everyday life. Dressing with style means enhancing that shade that every man has hidden and that only shines brightly when his outfits achieves his way of life, his personality.

The menswear suit collection, Shades of man, was designed taking into account that intangible aspect that has so much seductive power within it. That magnetic masculine halo, which catches glances and awakens emotions in its wake. That of a stylish, modern and charismatic man.

Evolution is created for city men who seek to stand out from the crowd, abandoning convention and showing their irreverence. Those for whom the mere fact of dressing always involves evoking their personality or their shade through each garment. Ambitious, perfectionist and dedicated to their projects, where success and the desire to grow is their greatest value.

Evolution uses a palette of dark shades, such as blues and greys, to enhance the different patterns, resulting in a collection of men's clothing that is perfect for work or any other part of your everyday life.

Timeless dresses a man with charm and attitude. Responsible, determined and with an established lifestyle, where comfort and elegance are the watchwords that demonstrate his stance of confidence and commitment. Experience and maturity are embodied in masculine models with marked usability and comfort.

In its colour palette, earth, wood and brown colours stand out, with rustic inspirations, giving a glimpse of a menswear collection with a relaxed style, which marks a status thanks to the charm of its elegant and timeless lines. Your shade is powerful and Torre Uomo helps you to awaken it with Shades of man. Are you ready to discover it?

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