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Comfort and chic?

02 December 2021

Comfort and chic?

Comfort and chic?

Different factors influence and determine the style of a man, but there’s one who finds in himself everything he needs to succeed. We’re speaking of confidence. An irrefutable value, that is capable to potentiate his strength to the others. The comfort of dressing balanced with elegance it’s the key that highlight security to the man. Casual clothes that make you feel good and shine as never before. Is it possible to dress comfortably and chic at the same time? Of course! In the following post, we will reveal to you all the secrets.

style of a man

The best way to fall in love is to dress yourself on a look in which you feel comfort and chic at the same time. When you feel safe about yourself you can dominate the world and transmit strength to all the others. Confidence that each man faces on his daily life it’s strictly connected with the convenience of the pieces you wear and the capability to dress the style you want to, without underestimate comfort and wear ability. If there’s something certain is that when a man feel safe about his outfit, irradiates tranquility, stability, happiness and lightness. Attributes that add beauty, empathy and happiness.

 fall in love is to dress yourself

Dressing with style and comfort is possible. The secret? Choose collections that follow this philosophy, like the new proposal from Torre Uomo for this 2022’s season. Timeless models where the well-being and the comfort are determinant factors to dazzle. It’s a firm commitment to convenience, able to be seen in versatile pieces easily combined with casual clothes. A blazer to dress every day that fit relaxed looks perfectly, whether to dress on a day of work or in chic events. Timeless but classic and elegant pieces.

Dressing with style and comfort

Wool, line and cotton are the basis to create the most casual clothes of Torre Uomo; fabrics mixed with spandex, offering the maximum comfort and movement in unstructured and slim models. Menswear suits perfect to dress on everyday occasions, with single colors, checks or plain fabrics without losing fashion. Fresh color palettes and when in harmony, combined with seersucker and embossed fabrics, meaning avant-garde and modernity.

Menswear suits

Search on your outfits this powerful combo and follow the pattern with confidence, guarantee of success, charisma and elegance. Choose pieces that offer you freedom of movement and that let you be yourself, but that takes your personality to the maximum level. Look for micro design patterns with natural fabrics and smooth, that fit your daily life and your body similarly.

outfits this powerful

Estile and Comfort. It’s the perfect symbiosis. An art that only some menswear brands can offer, but without doubts it’s the key element to introduce you to the world and to the others.

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