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Chocolate flavored. Total look in earth colors

21 October 2021

Chocolate flavored. Total look in earth colors

Chocolate flavored. Total look in earth colors

Beige, camel, light brown, chocolate brown, clay or coffee shades were considered to complement the earthy colour collection, the most versatile when it comes to matching your autumn outfits, evoking the elements that arise from mother nature. Relaxing tones that express tenderness and comfort to your look, with infinitives combinations. Discover them.

Trend for this autumn are earth colours. Its popularity endures intact over time and revives collection after collection for its charisma and positive energy. It is, by itself, a strong palette thanks to its connection to the entire natural environment. Its chromaticity is associated with daily life and family, relays sensations and emotions such as stability, credibility and security. Colours that join each other and reappear on the environment that surrounds us.

Trend for this autumn are earth colours charisma and positive energy

The range of earth and Brown shade are one the most popular to wear for any occasion. Outdoor, wood, earth, chocolate, nature, autumnů multiple nuances and great versatility to get the most of your wardrobe, either with other colours or with a total look from the same range. You can combine them in a versatile way or choose a single shade for a more balanced and impactful outfit. The possibilities are endless.

range of earth and Brown shade

Its chromatic palette is wide and has from lighter colours such as beige and all its variations, through to the mythical camel, clay and the acclaimed chocolate brown and coffee brown. Colours that come together with a natural and urban environment evoking the origins of everything around us.

Combining the range of earth colours is simple and allows you to create autumn looks with different patterns. In our most popular outfits, blue can't be missing. This colour is one of the best to combine with brown and especially with its range of earth and sand colours. A set where you'll achieve a trendy and sophisticated image.

popular outfits, blue can't be missing

Camel colour, mixed with the shades of reds and maroons is one of the most audacious combinations. If you're looking for a disruptive look but no extremes, get the same effect by choosing softer shades like purple or burgundy.

disruptive look  audacious combinations

In an earthy colour combination could not miss white neutrality and purity, a touch to achieve a fresh and elegant look. You need to wear your beige blazers with a white shirt or an organic cotton sweater. As icing on the cake and without abandoning all nature ┤s precedents, a gold jewellery complement will add that touch of sophistication to the ensemble. Wonderful.

 beige blazers with a white shirt

Become the king of autumn and fill your closet with earthy colours. Have fun creating the warmest and most comfortable styles to fully express the moment. Let your imagination fly and return to your essence. Ready to date?

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