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Casual or formal. Why not both?

03 March 2022

Casual or formal. Why not both?

Casual or formal. Why not both?

To achieve, in the same suit, the style that characterizes you and maximum comfort, is possible. Torre Uomo designs its collections with the needs of the contemporary man in mind, who seeks to adapt his clothes to the rhythm of his daily life, without giving up elegance and distinction. Why dress well only on special dates or events, when you can do it every day of the year without exception? Find out how in this post.

To be able to integrate into every moment of a man's life, without exception, combining comfort and class. This is the philosophy behind Torre Uomo, a brand where you can find everything you need to dress well and feel good at the same time. The current pace of life has led to an evolution in men's fashion standards and needs, which are now diverse and far from separating formality from informality.

The proposals or collections that are able to integrate comfort and elegance in equal parts in their repertoire, even combining both concepts in the same menswear, thus offering the possibility to dress well at all times and in all circumstances, are increasingly successful. Fashion allows more and more to play with combinations; formalisms disappear and an attitude is reborn that prioritizes being yourself and being able to show the best version of yourself through your suits.

These needs translate into versatile and complete catalogs, such as the one proposed by Torre Uomo for its new 2022 collection. Three product lines that cover the different moments of a man's life in a versatile and timeless way, and other moments in a way that is elegant and comfortable at the same time. Under the collections Moments,Timeless and Evolution, each is suitable for a different phase or situation in life, including both everyday and ceremonial suits.

We say yes to comfort, yes to the trend that respects freedom of movement. Yes to fabrics that adapt to your body and patterns that offer a relaxed style. To menswear that lets you be yourself, at work, in your free time, every day. But at the same time, we say yes to dressing the way you see fit; at work, in your leisure time, on your special occasions. The degree of elegance and formality is not established by the environment: it simply directs you. Remember: Live, Life, Love.

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