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Can I use the same suit for several events without losing style?

09 August 2022

Can I use the same suit for several events without losing style?

Can I use the same suit for several events without losing style?

A single suit offers you infinite possibilities. Combining it in different ways so that you can wear it to several events at the same time is possible. All you need are a few fashion tips and a little imagination. The following post is a good start to get you inspired. Shall we get started?

Is your schedule overflowing with commitments and you don't have the time, or the Budget, to wear a new outfit to every one of them? Don't worry, there's a solution. Using the same suit for several events without losing style is possible, if you follow certain rules aligned with your personality. First of all, when it comes to investing in a good basic wardrobe that you can wear repeatedly without getting tired of it, always go for a basic. It's the smartest, most versatile and durable choice, which will bring you elegance and allow you to modulate formality depending on how you combine it.

A three-piece suit in grey or blue tonesnever fails. Whether it is plain or with a striped or plaid pattern, its neutral base allows for an infinite number of combinations and colours, and due to its characteristics it can be perfect for an informal event as well as for a more elegant one. Moreover, as you have three garments, you can use them all at the same time or eliminate some of them, such as the waistcoat, for example. Interesting, isn't it?

If you wear the whole suit, the key will always be in the accessories. Matching tie and pocket square will be a classic and distinguished bet, that will increase its formality if they are chromatically fused with the blazer. Swapping a tie in a discreet colour for a distinctive bow tie, you will go from a sober look to a fresh and extreme outfit. If you leave out the waistcoat and add some suspenders, you'll enhance the casual style even more and get a perfect outfit for a daytime ceremony or a more casual event. Three perfect options in one outfit!

For friendly gatherings or improvised romantic evenings, how about the classic white T-shirt look? There's no better way to show your personality and self-confidence than by pairing your favourite suit with a cotton T-shirt. Just don't choose any old T-shirt. Always look for top quality fabrics and avoid collars that are too high. A good perfume and a luxury accessory, such as a watch, will make all the difference.

Footwear also plays a key role in setting the colour of your suitClassic white sneakers will give you a youthful, approachable and relaxed look, perfect for a party or a relaxed event. Because elegance is not incompatible with confort. What if, in addition, you only wear a blazer with a pair of good jeans?

Same outfit, infinite possibilities. Play, combine, seduce... because you always have the power to be different.

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