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Can a man wear a pink suit? Of course he can!

07 July 2022

Can a man wear a pink suit? Of course he can!

Can a man wear a pink suit? Of course he can!

Pink is on the rise and is no longer an exclusively feminine shade, becoming the protagonist of the most innovative designs for men. A fresh, radiant and very flattering colour, which is making its mark on the catwalks and tinges unique proposals with personality. Can a man wear a pink suit? Of course he can! In the next post, we delve into the magic of this charismatic colour.

pink suit

Forget stereotypes! Nowadays, fashion is gender-neutral and colours have a completely universal character. Talking about feminine and masculine shades is a downward trend, as more and more genders merge and fashion subscribes only to its essential aspect, a mixture of art, beauty and mode of expression.

Did you know that throughout history, pink has often been associated with masculinity because of its strength and charisma? The colour pink has had a multitude of interpretations. It is a complex colour, with an infinite number of shades and a lot of personality. Its strong identification with the feminine came after the Second World War, when society underwent a major paradigm shift, fostered by retailers and the mass media, which lasted well into our era. Today, pink has become a symbol of activism, fashion and prestige and has a significant share on men's fashion showcases. A versatile, fresh and original colour, it is increasingly acclaimed by designers and influentials brands.


One of the advantages of pink is its wide and varied colour range, which includes a multitude of very different shades, from the palest and subtlest to the most powerful and strident. To speak of pink is to suggest an endless number of colourful and surprising proposals, mutually combinable and at the same time adaptable to the most basic tones, as it is a colour that goes perfectly with the ranges of greys, browns and even blues.

contemporary looks

Pink is present in the best contemporary looks; it tinges your everyday outfits with colour, it is perfect to wear at work or even to add that special touch to those outfits that are too sober. And, of course, it's an ideal colour to wear on your wedding suit, making you the most original groom. If you haven't yet dared to incorporate it into your wardrobe, you can start with small details. Look for designs that include it partially, choose it on shirts, polos or accessories... Little by little, its energy will captivate you.

exclusively fashion and beauty

Opting for a pink suit is, nowadays, a hymn to self-love, a symbol of expression for authenticity, a way to show the world your genuine personality. Without stereotypes or clichés. Only and exclusively fashion and beauty, without barriers or prejudices. Just you and your free choices. Is there a more authentic way to dress?

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