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Are details the most important accessory of a suit?

17 March 2022

Are details the most important accessory of a suit?

Are details the most important accessory of a suit?

We tend to think that a good, strategically chosen accessory can add life and style to any man's suit. But what if a good finish, an excellent pattern, and a spectacular design were enough to elevate your look to the highest level? Commitment to details and finishes is a maxim of the Torre Uomo brand, whose collections show the importance of the little things to achieve high-impact aesthetic proposals. Are details the most important accessory? We think so. We will tell you why in the following post.

In matters of style and elegance, the rule of "less is more" remains one of the prevailing mottos when designing a men's suit. Preserving what really matters, to give the garment that power that only a good pattern can achieve, puts three essential elements in focus. First, choose materials of the highest quality, to achieve comfortable cuts and textures. Second, strive for excellence in cut and pattern, and third and not least, give the final touch to the suit with impeccable finishing touches.

In this sense, Torre Uomo places special emphasis on the basic details that determine the quality of the suit and ensure that you are dealing with a brand you can trust. One of the elements on which it places special focus in its collections, Moments, Timeless and Evolution, is the buttoning of the sleeves. To recognize the quality of this detail, in addition to the material, you should pay attention to its position. Whether they are slightly overlapping - in the case of traditional Italian suits - or open and separated from each other - which is the case of tailoring suits - it is essential that they are well attached to the garment and do not cause an unpleasant wrinkle.

Another important detail in a suit is its interior. Playing with linings with original prints or fabrics with different textures is a trend followed by some prestigious brands, often to reinforce their brand image and the originality of their garments. In any case, the most important thing here is the quality of the fabric, which ensures the lining's main function: to prevent bad smells from entering the garment, and to make it easier to put it on and take it off with the greatest comfort. But be careful, not all fabrics are suitable for this. To make the lining a good complement to the suit, Torre Uomo relies on materials such as silk and avoids viscose, polyester or cotton interiors.

Finally, in addition to the fineness and delicacy of the seams - which in the Torre Uomo collections go almost unnoticed - it is important to incorporate a wool felt collar, to strengthen the structure of the suit and help preserve its correct shape and position. This is a seemingly unnoticeable detail, but of enormous importance to ensure maximum elegance, so take note!

A men's suit that brings together these carefully combined premises in harmony hardly needs to be adorned with too many accessories to shine in all its splendor. By wearing it, you will elevate your look to the highest level, without the need for extra elements that mask its essence. For all this, we believe that the details of a suit are the best accessory you can wear, because they determine the true quality of the garment. Your true personality.

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